Learn WordPress

Why learn WordPress?

Course Description

If you want to learn to create WordPress website, then you have chosen the right course.

Learn WordPress

What you'll learn

Topics covered on Session

What is a website ?

Why do you need a website ?

Languages used to build a website

Choosing your CMS

Setting up local server
Downloading XAMPP
Installing XAMPP to create local server. (*Pre recorded Video)

Creating database and Install WordPress
Extracting WordPress files

Logging into WordPress Dashboard

Why do you need a plugin / Theme ?

Understand themes and how to find/install them

Installation of plugin / Theme

Installing WordPress Premium Theme

Installing plugin for SEO on WordPress website

Contact Form for WordPress websites

Important plugins that will be helpful for you.

Creating Post and Basics of One Page Optimization (SEO)
Creating Page


Registering your domain

Choosing your hosting services
Comparing various service providers

Choosing your hosting provider

Pointing your domain to hosting provider
Setting up your Web server.

Installing your WordPress to your Web server.

Transferring Content to Web server

Learn WordPress
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Learn WordPress