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Online Examination System

Educational and corporate sectors across the globe use assessments as a major source to acquire in-depth knowledge of student learning and candidate skills. Seeing the increasing requirement of assessments at such a wide scale it is being predicted that online exam software will become a definite future of exam management. Moreover, the current COVID scenario has turned the tables, making the online source of assessments the ultimatum for continuity of academics.

Online Exam System Software

Admin credentials

Username : admin
Password : admin

Candidate credentials

Username : tamil ; Password : password
Username : english ; Password : password
Username : hindi ; Password : password
Username : malayalam ; Password : password

Exam Today - Online Exam Software Features

  • Admin/Candidate Login

    The user/candidate is given login credentials i.e. a username, password. These login credentials are used by the student/candidate to write exams.

  • Exam Registration

    An online exam platform with secured registration utility. This facilitates the exam managers/ administrators in the process of candidate management for campus drives and aptitude tests.

  • Registration Approval by Admin

    After registration, admin will approve the user to continue the exam. The candidate/student can start the examination only after the administrator approval.

  • Add Users in CSV Format

    In this software, we can add/upload multiple users in CSV Format.

  • Export All Users

    We can also export all the users.

  • Multiple User Roles

    This software feature has the option multiple user roles.

  • Exam Upload

    The exam managers/ administrators can upload exams.

  • Demo Exams

    The Students/Candidates can take demo test as well.

  • Customized test-taking options

    The test creator can customize the test-taking panel to better suit the requirements of the candidates. Customizations such as changing theme colors and text fonts, defining back and forth buttons, question skipping option, adding calculator and timer, etc. are some of the basic needs that are fulfilled through customized test-taking options.

  • Schedule Exams

    Once the online assessment has been created the next step is to assign it to the test takers. The assigning features should be flexible and easy. The test can be shared through a link which can be either sent through mail or can be posted in the groups.

  • Multi Language

    Responder can choose the language. We already cover a set of languages. Let us know if you need another language.

  • In-depth test report

    The report generated constitutes multiple factors based on which the scores are displayed. Total scores, comparative scores, scores on each section, scores on each question, total percentage, number of answered questions, number of missed questions, and overall feedback are some of the sections available in the report generated.

  • Exam Start/End Time

    You can set the date and time the exam will be available or be expired. You can create several collectors and set different date and time restrictions for each.

  • Instant evaluation

    It eliminates any sort of manual effort in evaluating the test by making all of it automated. On one side where manual evaluation is high on inaccuracy and mistakes, online examination evaluation is by far the most accurate source of scoring tests.

  • Automatic Certificate Generation

    Certificate will generate automatically after the assessment based on the user/students examination results.

  • Notifications in SMS and Email

    Notifications related to exams will send automatically in email and SMS.

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